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Oil Painting

Print Making

Pastel Painting

Pencil Drawing

Other Misc. Artwork

Sculpture and Pottery

First- Third Grade
Fourth-Sixth Grade
4th-6th grade Porcelain Painting and other art
7th-12th grade Oil Painting II
High School Watercolor
High School Gourd Design
Silk Painting
Watercolor, Ink & Scratchboard
7th-12th grade Scratch Art
7th-12th grade Sculpture II
4th-6th Grade Pastel
First-Third Grade (3)
High School Oil Paintings

Fourth-Sixth Grade Sculpture

7th-12th Grade Bust Sculpture

7th-12th Grade Pottery

Copper Tooling grade 4 - 12

First-Third Grade (2)

              Hidden Acres Art School

Classes for Elementary & High School Students in the Omaha area

Hidden Acres Art School provides a professional atmosphere for elementary and high school students.  It provides a friendly, high quality, fine art education.  These affordable classes will help develop each student's artistic talents in the fine arts.
Sharon Hofer has been teaching  art classes since 1996.  Sharon sculpted for companies such as the  Danbury Mint and Artist Collectibles.  Her artwork has been sold throughout our country and has been featured in several national magazines.  She has also worked as a graphic designer for several companies in the Omaha and Dallas/Fort Worth area.